Hi, we’re new! Lily and Lydia is an online publication for Christian women that was launched in July 2023. While we’re regularly adding new articles, please be patient with us as we build the site!

Hi, we’re new! Lily and Lydia is an online publication for Christian women that was launched in July 2023. While we’re regularly adding new articles, please be patient with us as we build the site!


We are thrilled to introduce you to our contributors!  Lily & Lydia could not exist without the talented work of these gifted women contributing articles to the mini magazine and the website!  Learn more about them below!

Wendy Hornback

Wendy Hornback is a wife, encourager, home chef and lover of from scratch simplicity. She started From Scratch Cookery to help women grow their cookery skills one step at a time and hosts a podcast by the same name. Find Wendy at https://fromscratchcookery.com/

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Jill Dow

Jill Dow is a wife, homeschooling mom, Christian, avid quilter, and quilt pattern designer. She and her husband Steve live near Madison, Wisconsin with their three active children. You can find her on Instagram at @jdscustomquilts.

Kate Brown

Kate Brown is a pastor’s wife and mom to 4. Kate lives in rural central PA and she enjoys reading good books, writing, baking, playing outside with her kids, and discussing Bible and Theology with her husband.

Diana Nesbitt

Diana Nesbitt works as a customer service representative at a glass company and is the unlikely owner of a pickup truck. She lives in beautiful central New Hampshire and has a weakness for fountain pens and gummy bears. Her favorite things to talk about are karate and Jesus, both of which you can read about on her website at www.diananesbitt.com.

Jennifer Jahn

Jennifer is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom of 4, with a passion for children’s literature that reflects truth, goodness, and beauty. She is a native southern Californian who recently moved to northern Kentucky. You can find Jennifer mostly on Instagram (@jbriannejahn) talking about Jesus, writing, and her slight crunchiness. She also frequents Facebook (@jbriannejahn) and posts picture book reviews on her website at jbjahn.com.

Carrie Brownell

Carrie Brownell and her family live in Northern Idaho. They are the creative team behind A Fine Quotation, a book loving art shop. You can find them at @afinequotation on Instagram or on their website at www.afinequotation.com.

Heather Nankey

Heather Nankey is a city girl school teacher who married a Wisconsin dairy farmer. Nows she’s a homeschooling mom of four, teaching her kids about God and life in general, in the context of farm life. You can find her on Instagram @keyvalley and @valleyviewfarmlabs

Bridget Daniels

Bridget Daniels was born in Montana and raised in Madison, WI. A proud wife and stay-at-home-mom, she aspires to homestead one day. She is the artist and owner of A Few Random Things Shop and can usually be found learning about some new holistic food or medicine. Follow her creative journey on Instagram @afewrandomthingsshop.

Rachel Kovaciny

Rachel Kovaciny is a wife, mom, and author. A Midwest native, she now lives on the East Coast, where she homeschools her children and writes books. Find her on Instagram @RachelKovacinyAuthor or at her website, www.rachelkovaciny.com .

Rachel Perryman

Rachel Perryman is a Christian, wife and mother to two beautiful girls. She lives in the Ozarks region of Missouri. Rachel loves spending time outdoors with her family, reading and discussing theology and politics. Rachel also has a small handmade jewelry business where she strives to honor God and start conversations with her designs.  You can find Rachel on Instagram at @ozarkianheart where she posts about a variety of things. You can find her jewelry store on Pelavida at: https://shoppelavida.com/brand/ozarkianheart/

Lynette Roukes

Lynette Roukes is a happy resident of New Hampshire, the mother of two godly grown daughters, and a wife for 41 years and counting. After homeschooling her kids from K-12, Lynette spent over 10 years working in public schools as a paraprofessional before retiring in June 2023.

Ellie Koutny

Ellie Koutny is a writer, artist, and maker.  You can find her on Instagram: @elliekstudio and her shop can be found on Pelavida.  https://shoppelavida.com/brand/ellie-k-studio/